Cultiva Connection is the result of a lifelong passion for learning and teaching languages. Catherine has had exposure to Spanish since early childhood and began studying it formally in high school. She double majored in Spanish and English  in college and went on to earn a Masters in Spanish with an emphasis on linguistics. During her university studies she studied abroad twice in Spain, where her love of Hispanic cultures and the Spanish language deepened and she began to think about teaching it as a profession. 

Even after her studies and working as a Spanish teacher, Catherine felt that she could use more contact and practice with native speakers. Her husband, Alex, was trying to re-learn Spanish as an adult and also wanted to practice. They got involved with a nonprofit in Nashville where they participated in a language exchange with a native Spanish speaker. This 6-week arrangement turned into a friendship and language meetings that lasted for years. Catherine and Alex were so impacted by this experience that they decided to start a new conversation group several years later, after being unable to find a group in which they could participate. They have been running conversation clubs in the Nashville area for three years now and have learned fun ways to get people talking about topics that matter to them. 

Catherine has now been teaching close to a decade and has a passion for helping others empower themselves by learning a new language. The opportunities that come with acquiring a second language are endless, whether for Spanish or English speakers. From professional advancement to missions to exciting travel abroad, we have (or can create) a product for you to start a language club in your community that will impact many lives. We strive to cultivate connections through language learning! 

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