Communication Materials



Learners will practice their new language through ice breakers, speaking activities, games, and role plays. These varied exercises will appeal to different learning styles and help group members feel comfortable quickly!



You can use this Cultiva curriculum anywhere there is space to gather! Homes, classrooms, parks, cafes, or restaurants are all fine places to meet and enjoy learning a new language. Decide what is best for your group and your goals.


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Standard Package

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Our standard curriculum is built around ten common themes such as family, leisure activities, holidays, and jobs. Each unit has a lesson plan for the course facilitator to follow, as well as sections that can be copied and handed out to participants. This program could cover ten meetings, or you could run it in two separate “semesters” and do 5 weeks at a time. These lessons include ice breakers, speaking activities, and games to be done in pairs or as a larger group. The speaking activities include questions in both Spanish and English, but the rest of the instructions are written in English. This program revolves around the participants teaching each other through conversation. There are not vocabulary lists given, but learners are encouraged to write down new words and ask their partners questions regarding grammar or pronunciation. This program has been tried and tested with Spanish and English speakers and is an effective way to provide ample opportunities to speak. Motivated adult learners will test their speaking skills as they learn about new topics and form connections with others in the group.

Travel Unit


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This travel curriculum goes in depth to provide vocabulary lists and games that will prepare you to communicate in your new language as you travel to a new place! With three units built around traveling by plane, by car, and by public transportation, your group will have access to vocab words and phrases that will be necessary to prepare for your trip or navigate a new city in a new language. The instructions for the activities are written in both English and Spanish. Following each vocabulary list, there are vocab cards that can be used for quizzing each other or playing matching games. There are multiple games to practice the new vocabulary including role plays, charades, and our take on Pictionary and Taboo! This unit will get your group ready to take on a new experience with confidence!

Customize Curriculum

Does your company or organization desire to create your own language course? Would you like to provide an engaging new benefit to your employees? We would love to design it for you so that all you have to do is implement it!


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